Prudential Life Insurance Review 2023

Purchasing life insurance for your family or loved ones is the most effective future financial planning once you are not alive. Choosing a contract isn’t a straightforward task suppose you’re thinking that you simply have gotten selected the foremost effective plan but what about the insurance company? Which is the best insurance company? Is prudential financial the best? to help you with all, our team has created an honest Prudential life insurance Review 2023.

What is Prudential?

Prudential is one altogether the foremost important life insurance companies within the USA founded by John f. Dryden in 1875. it is a Fortune Global 400 and Fortune 500 Company offering an oversized range of monetary products and services in over 40 countries worldwide.

The company mainly offers life insurance, mutual funds, insurance, annuities, pension, and investment options. it is the fifth-largest life assurance company by Direct Premiums Written and holds quite $4 trillion of insurance.


✔ Offers Term and Universal life insurance

✔ Offers various Riders

✔ Fewer customer complaints

✔ Financial consult for selection of policy


✔ No online quote for some policies

✔ Average customer satisfaction

✔ No Discount for products

✔ No financial expense

Prudential Life Insurance Policies

Prudential mainly comes with 12 life insurance products to make your mind up on including term and universal insurance. Most of the plans are available for ages between 18 to 75 with an assured premium same for the full term plan. Eligible candidates can get an online quote for a term plan and buy the plan online whereas another plan requires a medical exam or history. All the plans include flexible premium fitting keep together with your budget but don’t provide any discount. additionally, it provides a tax-free benefit and tax-deferred cash value.

The plans provided by prudential are as follows.

For term policies

✔ Term Essential

✔ Term Elite

✔ Simply Term

✔ PruTerm One

Term Essential

This plan is obtainable in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30- year terms during which the premium remains unchanged for over term. you will get a cover starting from $50,000 for PruTerm One to $1 million for other policies.

Ter Elite

This plan is additionally available in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30- year terms with customizable riders like an accidental benefit, waiver of premium, living needs benefits, and also children’s protection. you will get a credit on your first-year premium if you choose to convert a term elite into permanent coverage within the first five years.

Simply Term

It is prudential’s most simple term life coverage offered in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30- years starting from $1000,000 for PruTerm One to $1 million coverage online. Additional incident terminal illness rider if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. there is no option to convert into permanent coverage.

PruTerm One

PruTerm One is the handiest option for business owners having business loans or lines of credit or who want to pay off for a brief period. It provides coverage for one year at a time.

Universal Insurance Policies from Prudential

For universal life insurance plans, Prudential offers two options as follows

✔ PruLife Essential UL

✔ PruLife SUL Protector

PruLife Essential UL

This plan offers the policyholder to induce an amount whenever needed by nominating a benefit. In this, the nominee can receive death benefits free from income taxes.

PruLife SUL Protector

This plan mainly offers cover to 2 persons and if both of them are dead then the benefit is paid tax-free.

Indexed Universal Life

Indexed universal life is taken under consideration the potential growth plan due to the quantity invested within the stock exchange. Prudential mainly has 3 indexed universal life policies as follows.

✔ PruLife Founders Plus UL

✔ PruLife index advantage UL

✔ PruLife Survivorship Index UL

PruLife Founders Plus UL

PruLife Founders Plus UL is the cash building plan which could be accessed for retirement, fixed declared rate of interest, S&P 500 which generates higher potential growth, or via Goldman Sachs Voyager Index through stock market volatility.

PruLife index advantage UL

This is the most effective cash-generating option supported fixed, declared rate, indexed accounts, and performance of the S&P 500 without including dividends.

PruLife Survivorship Index UL

PruLife Survivorship Index UL has the potential to return up with cash value by upside potential index and indexed accounts. It covers two persons and pays the beneficiary if both of them are dead. it’s made to grow and protect your children’s legacy.

Variable Universal Life

This policy helps to induce cash value via investment options and also provides protection. If you are not alive then a universal insurance policy can help your family or loved ones for the financial backup or future needs.

Variable life insurance policies offered by Prudential are

✔ VUL Protector

✔ PruLife Custom Premier ll

✔ PruLife SVUL Protector

VUL Protector

If you wanna protect your family from less investment risk with moderate returns then the VUL Protector policy could even be the only choice. It offers a no-lapse guarantee that will be as long as a premium is paid.

PruLife Custom Premier ll

This plan is often the foremost effective choice for those who are attempting to search out long-term growth investment, higher returns, and a high level of risk. It offers two no-lapse guarantee periods for guaranteed protection within the first years of your policy as long as the premium is paid.

PruLife SVUL Protector

For those that need a legacy for loved ones, the following Generation, a charity, or a privately held corporation then this variable universal policy is best suited. It offers a no-lapse guarantee to shield coverage which provides guaranteed coverage as long the premium is paid. It also offers coverage for two persons and pays the benefit if both of them have died. the danger involved relies on the investment options.

Benefits of Prudential Life Insurance

Following are the advantages of prudential insurance that will help one to form transparent choices.

 Prudential life insurance for DUI

 Prudential life insurance for Tobacco Chewers

 Prudential life insurance for Active Military Personnel

 Prudential life insurance for Nicotine Patch or Nicolette

 Prudential life insurance for U.S Residents

 Prudential life insurance for private Pilot

Prudential life insurance for History of cancer as following

 Thyroid cancer

 Breast cancer

 Bladder cancer

 Prostate cancer

History of Coronary Diseases



 Anxiety or Depression





 Kidney stones

How much does Prudential Cost?

Younger you’re lower is that the premium. The premium is lower for the lower cohort, women and non-smokers. Like other insurance companies prudential looks for several things to figure out the premium like age, gender, health check-up, tobacco consumption, policy, etc. Actually prudential doesn’t offer any discounts on insurance policies. Typically insurance may be smaller amounts expensive than whole life insurance or universal life insurance.

For Seniors

The premium paid is commonly higher for the seniors than for younger or below 65 because mostly above 65 the health conditions aren’t good as that of a customary person and here you’d prefer to acquire a shorter period with high-risk factors.

For Smokers

The data collected by our team says that for females aged 35 years purchasing a policy for 20 years with $1000000 should pay $177.19 and for males $203.44 whereas for age 55 for the identical coverage and term policy that cost is $833.44 for female and $1,173.81 for male which is much high because the smokers have the high risk of death.

Life Insurance Buying Guide

There are many things to be considered before buying the best insurance. the essential things to be kept in mind are the sorts of insurance like term life or whole life, available riders like accidental death, children level term, estate protection, waiver of premium, etc. When to buy for, at what age, for some way much and also the way much actually do I need.

It’s important to match all the medical requirements. you will be ready to also buy the policy online less probably you’ll not be tested for the checkup but don’t ignore this or return with this examination because this could calculate the actual premium that you just simply will need.

There are various insurance companies within the market with different plans with variations in prices. go for the foremost effective suited to inline together with your budget, calculate your premium before buying. the foremost effective way of comparing would be comparing plans, benefits, price, and claims settled.

How to Buy Prudential Life Insurance?

There are also two ways through which you will be ready to buy prudential insurance one is to connect with any of the agents or buy the policy online via its official website. Prudential can facilitate your resolute contact with the agent which could facilitate your buy the plan. The professional at prudential financial can facilitate you in some basic details like documentation, coverage, risk, and other details.


Prudential makes it very easy to file a claim. Usually, it takes 5-7 minutes to finish. The form gets unavailable if the beneficiary lived outside of the US and the holder dies outside of the United States.

Things Needed

• Name of insured

• Date of birth

• Death of death

• Policy and social security numbers

• Funeral home name and phone.

You can File a Claim HERE

Available Riders at Prudential Financial

Riders are the add-on that customizes your coverage while purchasing or renewing the plan. These usually cost you some extra to spice up the policy.

The riders provided by the prudential are as follows.

✔ Accidental death

✔ Children level term

✔ Children’s protection

✔ Benefit Access

✔ Estate protection

✔ Guaranteed policy split

✔ Enhanced cash value

✔ Waiver of premium

✔ Survivorship benefit Acces

✔ Overloan protection

Customer Service

Prudential has been offering good customer service. If you are a customer of prudential you get connected with the customer service team for the needs. It provides services from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 8 pm within the evening.

You can even seek advice from prudential professionals for advice, clearance of all the doubts, planning, or financial strategies.

Prudential Customer Complaints

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Prudential’s 2020 complaint ratio was 4.10 which is worse than the standard. A ratio below 1.0 is taken under consideration blow typical. Most complaints were about claims. Prudential ranked at 15 from 21 insurance companies for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2021.


There are various life insurance companies offering identical policies as prudential does like term plan, whole life, etc, and various other features and characteristics.

In terms of customer service, State Farm is best than prudential from the past 3 years. State Farm was ranked 5th within the 2020 J.D. Power life insurance study.

In terms of cost Mutual of Omaha is best. It ranked 11th in best insurance and prudential ranked 12th while both of them offer identical policies. Mutual of Omaha’s term policies are cheaper than that of prudential.

In terms of dividends, Massmutual pays dividends for the complete life while Prudential doesn’t pay any dividend to any of its policies which could further be accustomed to paying the premium.

How to contact Prudential Life Insurance?

You can contact prudential customer support as

For your Policies

1-800-944-876 (policy numbers beginning with the letter ‘v’)

1-800-778-2255 (all other policies)

1-800-575-7780 (policy numbers beginning with letter ‘M’)

1-800-842-1718 ( Disability claims)

1-800-524-0542 (Group life insurance)

1-877-232-3619 (To enroll in coverage)

1-800-207-7806. (fax)

For Accredited members of the media, you’ll fill out this way.

Fill out the form  Here.



Our review on prudential finance is headed on research, customer experience, information from the national association of insurance commissioners for individual life insurance, companies history, and strength. We compare the varied plans, coverage, premium, riders, etc. With other renounced companies to guide our viewers. We encourage you to induce help from this review, compare the quotes best fitted to you, and well research before investing in any policy.


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