Lincoln Financial Life Insurance Review 2023

Lincoln Financial is one of the largest insurance and trustworthy financial corporations, founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1905. it’s headquartered in Philadelphia with 9000+ employees working within the corporation.

Lincoln Financial Group name is basically a marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation. it had been named after our 16th president Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert Todd Lincoln to convey an image of honesty and Abraham Lincoln’s likeness.

it’s an extended history supported quality service, products, and satisfaction making it the foremost effective insurance company within the U.S by World Finance Magazine in 2013 and 2015 also a Fortune 500 company offering a various array of insurance options, policy options, financial services, annuities, workspace and much more.


✔ Variety of policy options

✔ Offers annuities, retirement, investment, and financial services

✔ less than average customer complaint

✔ No medical examination

✔ Financial security

✔ Great user interface

✔ Quick turnaround time


✔ No whole life politics

✔ No juvenile policies

✔ No online quote tool is offered

✔ High cost for youngster applicants


Subsidiaries provided by the Parent Company Lincoln Financial are:

• Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York

• Lincoln National life insurance Company

• Lincoln Financial Securities

• Lincoln Financial Distributors

• Lincoln Financial Advisors

• First Penn-Pacific life insurance Company

Lincoln Financial life insurance Policies

Lincoln Financial offers an expansion of insurance products and financial services for businesses and customers. It offers universal, variable universal, indexed universal life insurance policies, annuities, workshop retirement plans, group insurance, survivorship variable product, employee benefit, etc. but doesn’t offer whole life insurance.

Lincoln Financial also offers coverage for long-term care expenses when must the policyholder. Provides funding mechanism for long term and benefits of universal life and future care insurance.

The Lincoln financial insurance policy portfolio is as follows.

• Term life insurance

• Lincoln financial term life Option (mainly offers two-level products)

• Lincoln TermAccel

• Lincoln LifeElements

Lincoln TermAccel

Lincoln TermAccel basically is out there in 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30- year terms for the people between 18 to 50 and are renewal. It provides temporary coverage for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or longer. Typically it provides coverage of $100000 to $500000. This policy features a minimum face value of $250000 also providing accelerated benefits for the rider. Its application process is additionally very easy and you get passes within some days.


LifeElements is basically available for 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30- years for people between 18 to 80. you will be ready to choose a minimum benefit of $250000 to the maximum inline with policyholder needs. The riders available to this policy are Accelerated benefits, Waiver of premium, and Children’s insurance.

Index Universal life insurance

This policy is extremely almost like regular Universal life which causes you to generate cash value via the performance of the S&P 500 or the Stock index Industrial Average. The insurer also offers the Wealth Preserve 2 IUL policy. Lincoln financial’s wealth accumulate policy offers permanent coverage and options to feature accelerated benefits endorsement.

The indexed universal plans offers by Lincoln financial are the Lincoln LifeReserve Indexed UL Accumulator, the Lincoln LifeReserve Indexed UL Protector, the Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL, and Lincoln WealthPreserve Survivor Indexed UL.

Variable Universal life insurance

If you’re able to take a further risk to grow your cash then a variable universal life insurance policy should be the best fitted to you. This policy allows you to settle on the benefit and duration of your coverage together with the potential to grow your cash via stick market performance. On the other hand, this can be risky if the market isn’t showing a decent performance.

Lincoln Financial offers a selection of policies to make your mind up on from among investment options, benefits, and premium payouts. the choices for variable universal insurance are.

✔ Lincoln AssetEdge VUL

✔ Lincoln AssetEdge Exec VUL

✔ Lincoln VUL ONE

✔ Lincoln SVUL ONE

✔ Lincoln PresentationEdge SVUL

Universal life insurance

Lincoln financial’s universal life insurance policy offers benefit protection along with tax-deferred cash value with no tax due until the time of withdrawal. Here the policyholder can grow the cash supported by the set rate of interest, amount, and timings of the premium also offers unique solutions for estate planning and estate assets preservation. Lincoln’s universal life insurance products are

• Lincoln LifeGuarantee UL

• Lincoln LifeCurrent

• Lincoln LifeReserve

Additional policies offered by the Lincoln Financial

 Long term disability insurance

 Short term disability insurance

 Critical illness insurance.

 Vision insurance

 Accidental insurance

 Dental insurance

Available riders.

 Accelerated death benefit (no critical illness)

 Accelerated benefits (with critical illnesses)

 Children’s term benefit

 Accidental Death

 Waiver of premium benefit

 Spouse term

 Guaranteed insurability

Advantages of Lincoln Financial life insurance Policies

Talking about the benefits of Lincoln’s policies it offers many advantages to going for Lincoln Financial. starting from the financial services it offers a ramification of monetary services, investment options, policies, riders, etc. Though the company doesn’t provide insurance other policies are best altogether.

In terms of ratings the corporate, it’s A+ 2nd highest of 16 in A.M. Best, A1 5th highest of 21 in Moody’s Investor Services, A+ in Fitch ratings which is overall strong.

In terms of achievements and awards, the corporate has received the foremost prestigious award Forbes no.1 insurance company for customers, Forbes no.68 Best Employers for ladies, DEI’S Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion, Corporate Angel Award for assisting Cancer patients with free travel, etc.

In financial strength company’s long history has received a really strong financial rating from agencies. the popular feature of this is often no health examination and level premium guarantee on insurance plans.

How much does Lincoln financial life insurance cost?

Various factors are considered before determining the premium like age, gender, health history, kind of plan, riders, occupation, etc. the prices of the Lincoln group are average compared to other insurance companies. Term life plan costs but permanent life assurance due to the invested amount to grow cash.

I would wish to present some prices for healthy non-smokers purchasing an idea for 20 years with $1 million coverage is as for 35-year females is $57.81 and for males is $75.99. for 45 year females it’s $126.32 and for males is $165.93 with is over females. On the alternative hand, talking about seniors and smokers.

seniors don’t always require a medical checkup while purchasing a policy and smokers must pay over healthy or non-smokers due to the risk factor. you want to also know those male smokers have to pay over female smokers.

Life insurance Buying Guide.

Before buying or investing in any of the insurance policies one must remember all the basic elements to be considered just like the kind of life assurance you wish to buy for a like term plan, indexed plan, whole life, etc. what proportion premium do you must pay, available riders best suited to your plan, and thus the most thing your budget?

Many life insurance companies don’t take a health check or skip the exam but you want to bear in mind this all and be honest together with your answer. While comparing the rates ensure to calculate the premium with the premium calculator on a special website that supplies you a transparent idea of premium. associate with the company with fewer customer complaints, good service, and powerful financial background.

How to buy Lincoln financial life insurance?

To buy Lincoln’s financial life assurance policy you would prefer to contact the company’s agent. you will get a listing of agents nearby you on the official website. the company offers very easy and straightforward steps for application and approval. It had been simplified even more through the tele-app option. you’ll buy a life insurance plan  HERE.

Once you have got been finalized your documents are submitted and eventually, you’ll respond within 2 weeks.


Lincoln financial’s application process is extremely easy and straight. you need to contact its agent for the appliance process. within the applying process, you will be phone-called for a health interview. Also, you will be able to apply using Tele-App.

Tele-App process has made the applying process easy, it’s very simple also easy as by following these steps.

Step 1: just meet a Lincoln financial professional. you’ll get the list on the website.

Step 2: online or phone client interview

Step 3: the application go for underwriting by specialists

Step 4: you may be eligible for lab-free consideration

Step 5: ask a financial professional for eDelivery if you would like to receive your policy faster. and eventually, it takes less than 2 weeks for a response.

How to file a claim with Lincoln Financial insurance

If you’d wish to file a claim with Lincoln financial company there are two options one is making telephony is other is using the web form from its official website. the details which you have to provide while claiming are policy number, home address, date of birth, etc. Once you get tuned in to all the documentation you’ll be able to find the form on the website.


There are several insurance companies within the market with various plans, amounts, history, prices, etc. With many competition. On comparing Lincoln financial with Northwestern Mutual it offers whole life insurance also with a wider range of policies and an insurance calculator to calculate the premium consistent with the requirement. Compared with John Hancock it’s less expensive with a mean price in terms of all insurance companies and provides all the data clearly online without contacting to agent or company.

User Experience

J.D. Power gave Lincoln financial 3/5 in user experience which is taken into consideration to be a mean. the elements sought for customer experience by J.D. Power are.

• Price

• Application

• Product

• Statement

• Communication etc.

Overall the Lincoln financial user experience is simple and clear with no complications.

Customer Complaints

Lincoln financial received less than 1.0 from The National Association of Insurance Commissioners which is taken under consideration to be the good index. The rating above 1.0 indicates the matter meaning more no. of complaints from the customers. the company had.10 NAIC index score in 2019 which is much better than other insurance companies also it ranked 12th out of 21 companies within the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. life assurance Study for overall customer satisfaction.


• Lincoln Financial most prestigious awards are

• Forbes no.1 insurance company for customers

• Forbes no.68 Best Employers for women

• DEI’S Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion

• Corporate Angel Award for assisting Cancer patients with free travel

How to contact Lincoln Financial

Customer service


Claim phone number





Lincoln Financial review is carried on the research, customer experience, data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners for individual life insurance, comparison with the best insurance companies, financial strength, ratings, and customer satisfaction. With other renounced companies to guide our viewers. We encourage you to induce help from this review, compare the quotes best suited to you, and well research before buying or investing in any policy.


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